We are professional vendors and we are now entering our 18th year of business. We differ from most Jewelry vendors because we design most of our pieces so our products are unique and many are one of a kind. We also carry a whole line of Jewelry for men and the majority of Jewelry vendors only have options for women.

Our product line consists of approximately 80% Sterling Silver Jewelry. We locate many kinds of Natural Stones from all over the world and use them in our Jewelry line. After we complete the designs we use an artist to make the final product based on our specifications. We also have a large selection of Sterling Silver Jewelry without stones.

The remaining 20% of our display consists of Tungsten Carbide Jewelry and Stainless Steel Jewelry. We are one of the few vendors that carry Tungsten Jewelry; it is mostly carried by fine Jewelry stores. Both metals have become very popular for men and women to use as wedding bands due to their resilience and affordable price.